Cleric Calls For Equitable Resource Sharing

The Anglican Church of Kenya (ACK) Archbishop, Jackson Ole Sapit has said that the church will reject the Building Bridges Initiative (BBI) final recommendations if it fails to address inclusivity and equitable sharing of resources.

Ole Sapit said the BBI final recommendations must address inequities in distribution of national and county governments’ resources.

Speaking on Sunday at Homa-Bay Primary School where he presided over consecration of the new Bishop of the Southern Nyanza ACK Diocese, Dr. Edward Simon Onyango, Ole Sapit said the church would engage in a meaningful debate on BBI, adding that the report should not be used to divide the country.

The Archbishop said that the church has formed a team of constitutional experts to scrutinise the just released BBI report before the ACK gives its final verdict on the document.

Ole Sapit warned that the church will reject the BBI report if it fails to bring about an inclusive system of governance.

He said that the BBI document should open enough space in the governance system to accommodate all Kenyans to cure the shortcomings of the winner takes all system.

The Archbishop said they will only support reforms that will ensure equitable sharing of national resources so that every Kenyan benefits from the national cake.

The Siaya Governor, Cornel Rasanga, Homa Bay Deputy Governor, Hamilton Orata and the County Commissioner, Harman Shambi attended the consecration ceremony amongst other dignitaries.

Source: Kenya News Agency