Civil society in Vihiga County condemns attack on AfriCOG

Members of civil society in Vihiga County have criticized the recent attack on the Africa Centre for Governance (AfriCOG) offices in Nairobi and the deregistration of Kenya Human Rights Commission (KHCR).

The activists who were drawn from various pressure groups operating in Vihiga County expressed their displeasure when they addressed members

of press in Mbale town on Wednesday evening.

Led by their spokesperson, Mrs Dorris Anjawa, the activists appealed to the national government to appreciate roles played by NGOs and

civil society in the country’s socio-economic and political development.

Condemning the current standoff between the government and KHCR and AfriCOG, Mrs Anjawa said it was wrong for the National NGO

Registration Board to attempt to silence pressure groups with threats of deregistration.

The board’s chairperson should understand NGOs and civil societies are alternative voices for the oppressed people, observed Mrs Anjawa,

accusing the state of retuning the country to darker days where dictatorship was order of the day.

Pressure groups played a significant role in expanding democratic space that eventually saw the country achieve a new constitution which

must be guarded against any forms of abuse at all cost, she added.

She demanded immediate cancellation of alleged deregistration of AfriCOG, insisting the body was a limited company and not a

nongovernmental organisation.

Source: Kenya News Agency