Civil servants should not be antagonised by in-coming governors

Civil servants deployed to work in Counties and those working under the National Government should not be antagonised by the new governors after the general elections.

Kiambu County commissioners Wilson Wanyanga said government officers were neutral at any time and are there to serve any elected leader without self interests in their service delivery.

Wanyanga made the remarks on Saturday at the Ndumberi grounds during the swearing in of the county governor Ferdinad Waititu.

The county commissioner likened civil servants to a switch which changed automatically depending on the finger switching it on and off as they embraced successive reigns of political leaderships.

Yes, we worked with William Kabogo because he was our governor then. We will not deny that we were loyal and co-operated with him in a bid to deliver services to the people of Kiambu, he said.

There was no way we would have stopped delivering in our respective areas during the electioneering period because Kabogo was being opposed by other contestants who were interested in his seat. So when we continued to deliver on our mandate some people started labeling as Kabogo’s people creating a wrong impression, said Wanyanga.

While defending civil servants against any form of criticism, Wanyanga reminded residents that the officers served the government of the day and that they should not be victimized by anyone.

He said no staff would lose jobs with the incoming of new governors as it was only a change of guard at the helm which should not affect others.

He assured Waititu that they will work with him just the same way they supported his predecessor.

The county commissioner urged residents seeking services from any government office to do so without fear as they deserved to be served without any bias.

Source: Kenya News Agency