Church urges the Government and the opposition to dialogue

A Cleric has called for dialogue between the government and the opposition to resolve their differences for the country to move forward.

Speaking at a Church Service in Kitale town on Sunday, Elim Pentecostal Church of Kenya (EPCK) said lack of unity in the Country is dragging the economy behind.

As the church, we would like the government and the opposition to sit together and have dialogue to resolve their differences, he said.

Dr. Githinji said there are few positions of leadership in the country, adding that those who unsuccessfully vie for leadership should understand that we all live in one country and there is no need for instigating chaos.

Positions of leadership are few, people need to understand that even if they do not get the chance to serve in a certain capacity, the country is still ours, we must move on, he noted.

Dr. Githinji said Kenya is on a global watch by many nations and its reputation built since colonial times which must be protected.

Kenya is a country which we are proud of and is liked by many other nations and the international countries are focusing on the events that are unfolding, he added.

The Archbishop advised leaders to put aside politics and join hands together to forge unity.How things are happening in Kenya is discouraging, the Bishop said.

He said he would like to hear the government speaking good about the good things the opposition has done to the country and vice versa.

Dr. Githinji said lack of a common understanding between the government and the opposition has made most Kenyans suffer.

Due to political intolerance, the government switched off some TV stations denying residents their right for Information, the Bishop said.

The cleric urged the government to soften its hard stance on Switching off the TV stations to allow residents access information.

He said the media are not only serving the government but the nation and worldwide.

I do not understand the position of the government in switching off the TV stations and I do not know what the specific TV stations did so that the government had to shut them down, he pointed out.

Source: Kenya News Agency