Church leaders join hand with politicians to preach peace ahead of elections

Political leaders across the political divide in Naivasha have now joined Church leaders in preaching peace ahead of the August 8 general elections.

Under the new initiative spearheaded by Naivasha Pastors Fellowship chairman Reverend Paul Matheri, politicians will now be required to hold frequent meetings with their supporters and sensitise them on the importance of upholding peace.

Matheri further said the new move is meant to bring all stakeholders together for a just cause in the area that experienced worst bloodshed during the 2007-8 post election violence.

We thank God that politicians have found the need to join us to spread peaceful messages to residents of this cosmopolitan town,Pastor Matheri told the press in Naivasha.

The political representative who is also Lake View MCA Simon Wanango welcomed the initiative saying the political class in the area always wanted residents to live in peace during and after the general elections.

Wanango further said all politicians from both sides of the coalition have agreed to work together and help their followers in maintaining peace during this time of elections.

We will work with the church to ensure peace prevails in Naivasha, the MCA said.

The MCA at the same time thanked the Church for agreeing to partner with politicians in peace-building but cautioned those planning to spread hate messages for their political gains saying Kenyans were very alert to deal with such leaders.

Source: Kenya News Agency