Church calls for diologue

Kitale Catholic Bishop Maurice Anthony Crowley has expressed fear that the current political situation in the country might negatively affect development.

Crowley who was speaking during a church service at Immaculate Catholic church in Kitale town noted that extreme positions taken political camps was worrying.

On either side each party should be ready to listen to the other side for any constructive dialogue to take place, he noted.

The opposition has stood ground that they cannot recognize the 26th October election and therefore President Uhuru Kenyatta is not President while the government on its side has stood ground that they were legitimately elected by Kenyans and the constitutions must be followed.

According to Crowley, a neutral mediator from outside the country should be sought to encourage dialogue regretting that the country is still in a mood of political campaigns affecting work in some areas.

He said that the war of words was to some extent fuelling tension among communities and urgent measures needed to be taken to arrest the situation.

With National Super Alliance (NASA) insisting on another election, jubilee has dismissed such venture arguing that elections were over.

The Bishop said if the country continues the way it is now a situation will be created whereby we will be eternally in an election mood which will retard development and make people poorer.

At the same time, Bishop Crowley asked the executive to respect the rule of law and work harmoniously with other arms of government for the good of Kenyans.

He said attempts to disrespect the law by the executive will weaken the institutions mandated with the responsibility of ensuring law and order.

Source: Kenya News Agency