Chopper crashes in to Lake Nakuru

Unconfirmed reports indicate that five people are trapped in a chopper that crash landed in Lake Nakuru minutes after takeoff from a Nakuru hotel.

The five are believed to be part of a campaign team constituted by Nakuru County Senator Susan Kihika to help spearhead President Uhuru Kenyattas campaign and were headed to Narok County for the presidents campaigns expected Saturday.

Preliminary reports from reporters scheduled to board the chopper but sought anonymity indicate that the planes pilot identified as Apollo Malowa had requested to be allowed to fuel the plane as it was running out of fuel.

Citizens interviewed told reporters that they spotted the ill fated aircraft nose-diving into the lake and they could hear an unusual sound from its engine.

By the time of going to press a rescue team from Nairobi had arrived in a police chopper but had not embarked on a rescue operation that is widely anticipated to establish the occupants of the aircraft and possibly its owner.

The plane is submerged in the lake and the rescue team is awaiting the arrival of a motorized boat from Lake Naivasha to commence the rescue operation.

Reports that cannot be independently verified allude to the presence of a team of journalists in the chopper who were also destined to Narok to cover the Jubilee rally this afternoon.

Source: Kenya News Agency