Cholera outbreak in Vihiga

Two people have died since the outbreak of cholera in Vihiga County two weeks ago.

County Director of Health Services (CDHS), Dr. Quido Ahindukha has confirmed that the disease, which was first reported on March 16, has claimed 2 lives in a span of one week.

Dr. Ahindukha said another 36 patients were admitted at various health facilities suffering from the disease in the county and were treated and discharged.

He said the disease is concentrated in Tambua ward, Hamisi Sub county, and is likely to spread if urgent measures are not put in place to arrest the situation..

The CDHS said the first two cases of cholera were diagnosed from patients who had gone to seek medication at Likindu Health centre, situated on the border of Nandi South and Kisumu East counties.

Dr. Ahindukha called on wananchi in the affected areas to ensure that they drink clean water and eat well cooked food, adding that there is need for the residents to maintain high standards of hygiene as the cholera virus thrives in a dirty environment.

The CDHS also emphasized on the need to use latrines and always wash hands with soap as a measure to contain the disease.

He said cholera has an incubation period of 21 days, and that health workers are keeping track of all persons who have been in contact with patients to ensure that the killer disease does not spread.

The CDHS said the Vihiga health team has conducted meetings with teams from South Nandi and Kisumu counties, and agreed to establish cholera treatment centres so as to confine the disease in areas that have reported an outbreak.

Dr. Ahindukha said the teams have agreed to mobilise the affected communities to increase the latrine coverage, noting that 13% of Vihiga population defecated in the open which ends up polluting water sources.

He said the latrine coverage is lower in Nandi south and Kisumu counties, hence creating an enabling environment for cholera to thrive.

Source: All Africa