The Chinese Government has pledged to support Kenya in its fight against high-level corruption, noting that if left unchecked, the vice could lead the country to degenerate into a lawless society.

Visiting Chinese Vice-Minister Wang Lingjun of the Ministry of Supervision, said at a meeting with Attorney-General Githu Muigai here Monday that China would support the Kenyan government in the areas of asset recovery and repatriation of illicit proceeds.

“We shall share our experiences in anti-corruption and provide opportunity for you to understand the various challenges in this fight that you are struggling with. All countries have challenges but the support of the people we serve gives us the drive to ensure that we strive to achieve a zero tolerance status in China,” he stated.

Kenya has re-affirmed its position that corruption if not controlled or eliminated would continue to remain a big threat to the survival of the State. Muigai said Kenya could not afford to allow illegitimate forces outside the State to control the State as this would lead to the country degenerating into a totally lawless society.

“Kenya cannot afford to go that direction hence we must protect our country. Currently as a Government, we are trying to marshal the discipline we need to confront these cartels that are trying to control the state using illegal processes and illicit proceeds,” he added.

Wang said: “Your fear of corruption is what led China to put in austerity and harsh measures in addressing this vice. The struggle has not been easy. We did not want to lose the support of the people who put so much faith in us.

“For us in China, we must tackle corruption at all levels. Extravagance and hedonism had to end no matter the cost. Government officials had to be stopped from using public funds for their own benefits. These look very trivial, but it affects the confidence of the people we serve.”