China Diaries – If Nairobi Is a City, What Is Beijing?

That Nairobi, the Capital City of Kenya is the leading city in East Africa is not debatable.

Other than its strategic position in Africa, Nairobi also hosts major international organizations like the United Nations office, UNEP and UN Habitat headquarters.

But can the famous ‘Green City In the Sun’ stand to be counted when leading capitals in the world are mentioned?

Beijing, the Capital City of China will not go into a panic mood by a mere announcement of an arrival of a super power president since it is ready to host any one at any time.

Capital FM Reporter Joseph Muraya is in the expansive city, with a mission to understand how it operates despite its massive population and development.

A walk in the streets of Beijing, one will not fail to notice the well maintained lanes with flowers mostly witnessed only in the leafy suburbs of Nairobi.

“These people are amazing… how do they manage all the waste coming from all these houses?” a journalist from Palestine who is among a group of journalists undergoing training in China asked during many of the tours to the city.

The Chinese Government is working with private organizations to ensure any waste collected from the public does not become an eyesore to locals and foreigners.

The waste which ranges from household, electronics and even medical is amassed in strategically located firms and processed to electricity.

This energy will feed the city with electricity.

Tsinghua Tongfang Gigamega is one of the firms helping the city to convert waste into energy.

“The company we work with serves over 33 million people in China… we manage their waste by ensuring it’s converted to energy,” Zhang Yuwei, an employee of the firm explained.

She added that, “there are other firms still located in Beijing.” 1 | 2

Beijing has a resident population of 22 million people.

Kenya has its dumpsite located in Dandora, which has been linked to environmental hazards.

Another observation made by a Kenyan journalist Zachary Githuku was that, “all roads are like our Thika Super Highway. Only that they are well maintained.”

“There is no dust such that you even don’t need to leave your shoes outside your room,” he pointed out.

The roads are cleaned on a weekly basis to ensure they remain habitable for both the locals and visitors.

Along all roads; footpaths, highways and small lanes leading to hotels and estates, trees have been planted.

“Beijing is greener than our city (Nairobi),” the journalist observed.

Solar panels have also been installed along some routes to light the streetlights at night.

Yes, even in Beijing there is a little bit of traffic, but the serene environment outside will make you not to complain.

The challenge that Nairobi County Government has is to sustain the hastened beautification of the city ahead of the coming of the United States President Barack Obama.