Chiefs face sack if unable to get rid of gambling machines

The Chiefs and their Assistants in Central Kenya Region have up to this Saturday to eradicate all gambling machines, when the three month deadline for the exercise expires.

The Central Regional Commissioner (CRC), Wilson Njega told the administrators they risk being sacked if they do not meet the target within their jurisdiction.

He said the government having directed that the vice be eradicated and with the crackdown having been started last March, there was no turning back

When the government imposed a ban on the importation of the gambling machines some crafty foreigners decided to outsmart us by bringing in the expertise and skills and set up manufacturing workshops right here but we are telling them not anymore, Njega said.

Njega was speaking at Kianyaga market, Kirinyaga East Sub-county where he led in the destruction of 200 such machines and 2000 liters of illicit liquor impounded from the area Monday.

He said the gambling syndrome had created poverty and increased insecurity as the addicts spent every single penny in their possession hoping to hit the jack pot and earn easy money.

As the region stands now no tangible development can take place since most residents have either turned into gambling or resorted to illicit liquor at the expense of development, he said.

A perpetual illicit liquor brewer, Marigu Njagararo, 65 came out publicly and declared she had abandoned the trade that she had known all her life.

I came and settled at Soko Mjinga in Kianyaga market when I was a young girl, where I set up my illicit liquor business but since I am now too old now, I have from this day declared that I have completely abandoned the trade, she said.

Njega said once the illegal gambling and illicit liquor trade were eradicated, he will then visit the area and announce the various government development programs that will benefit the locals.

Source: Kenya News Agency