Chiefs and their assistants will not be sacked, says Akaranga

Vihiga county governor Moses Akaranga has reassured chiefs and their assistants that they will not be dismissed once National Super Alliance (Nasa) takes office after August polls.

Akaranga also refuted claims that the opposition will halt or reduce women fund and stipends meant for the elderly persons.

He said Jubilee sympathizers were propagating such lies in a bid to gain political mileage and mislead the administrators to fear the opposition and get into a panic mode.

We are aware that some politicians are crisscrossing the country urging the administrators to shun the opposition because they will be sacked once Nasa takes power, said Akaranga.

He said politicians should speak the truth and advocate for issue based politics that is geared towards championing the rights of the electorates instead of misleading them.

We must engage in politics that is meant to uplift the welfare of the electorates. Side shows to gain political mileage is a let down to the voters, said Akaranga.

Akaranga was speaking yesterday when he made a stopover in Mbale town during his campaign tour after drumming support for his re-election bid in various wards.

The governor on Progressive Party of Kenya (PPK) ticket faces stiff competition from Yusuf Chanzu (ANC), Wilber Ottichilo (ODM) among others.

Akaranga appealed to the electorate to vote for him based on his development track record, adding that his last term will be used to finish initiated projects for the benefit of the people.

He added that his party supports Nasa presidential flag bearer Raila Odinga and urged the region to overwhelmingly vote for the opposition to remove Jubilee government from power.

We must come out in large numbers and vote Raila Odinga to be the country’s next president. PPK as a political supports his bid to clinch the coveted seat, added Akaranga.

Source: Kenya News Agency