Chief Declines Offer for Second Wife

A chief in Kwale County who was feted for swiftly recovering a police firearm stolen from a detective lynched by a mob, turned down an MP’s offer to meet the cost of marrying a second wife as a reward for his heroic deed.

Chief Ali Riga of Kinondo location who is already married to one wife, was promised the rare gift of an all-expenses paid wedding for his impressive performance by Msambweni MP Mr. Suleiman Dori.

Mr. Dori who is also the chairman of the Coast Parliamentary Group, promised to foot the wedding bill if the administrator wishes to marry another wife but the offer was politely declined.

I am ready to sponsor the wedding if you’re willing to have a second wife because of your sterling performance as an administrator, the legislator said amid laughter from guests and the crowd.

He congratulated Mr. Riga for upholding professionalism and hard work which led to the recovery of the pistol stolen from a DCI officer by irate villagers who killed him on suspicion of being a thief on July 14.

Mr. Dori gave the chief a cash token and praised him for his exemplary work in maintaining security in the area.

The MP was speaking at a security meeting at Nyumba Mbovu grounds convened to restore calm in the area after the lynching incident.

Mr. Riga’s bosses, Coast Regional Coordinator Mr. Bernard Leparamai and County Commissioner Mr. Karuku Ngumo, also addressed the gathering.

When KNA sought the chief’s opinion on the matter, he laughed off the MP’s idea saying though in tandem with the Islamic faith which allows polygamy, he was satisfied with his one wife.

I thank the MP for his kind gesture but much as our religion allows a man to marry up to four wives, the pressure of a large family is too much to bear for me considering the harsh economic times, the father of five said.

Mr. Riga said he was currently struggling to meet the needs of his family including educating his children hence becoming a polygamist is out of the question.

He said emergency meetings he held with local youth and elders led to the surrender of the gun two hours after its disappearance.

I talked to the residents on the danger of having the gun in the wrong hands and this bore fruit as they finally gave up the firearm, he added and thanked them for their cooperation in security matters through the community policing initiative.

Early this year, Kiambu Woman Rep Ms. Gathoni Wamuchomba stirred controversy when she said men should marry several wives if they could afford to sustain them.

Source: Kenya News Agency