Certified seeds for farmers in Kirinyaga

Kirinyaga County government is in the process of procuring 17 tonnes of certified seeds for free distribution to farmers in the area.

In a move aimed at boosting food security during the current planting season, the programme targets to encourage farmers to get back into farming drought resistant crops.

The Deputy Governor, Peter Ndambiri said they will also issue the indigenous seeds to the farmers to plant in the areas of the county which receive low rainfall.

He said the support programme aims to ensure even farmers without financial ability can be able to get the best seed for their farms.

Our ultimate goal is to empower the farmers and get rid of over reliance on famine relief which has been prevalent in the past, he said.

We want to ensure that our farmers are well supported, for a serious subsistence and cash crop farming to ensure. This will ensure they are economically empowered to boost the development of the county, Ndambiri said.

The official who was speaking at Kerugoya on Monday said that the county also plans to put in place refrigeration facilities for the horticultural produce where they can be stored as they await for the external markets.

This, he said, when fully implemented will ensure no farmer lose their produce due to lack of market.

Apart from the construction of the Sh. 19 billion Thiba dam, the county intends to put up small water dams for particular regions which will provide irrigation water to farmers especially in the lower part of the county, he said

He said a feasibility study is already being undertaken at Irangi forest in the Mt. Kenya for the construction of a 30 million cubic metres dam.

The deputy governor said that that they also have plans to procure more than 20 tonnes of cotton seeds for farmers in the lower side of Mwea, in preparation for the revival of a cotton ginnery at Wang’uru town.

He urged farmers to come out in large numbers for the seed which he said if put into good use will improve their living conditions either by giving them enough food or for those planting cotton, enough money for their other development ventures.

Source: Kenya News Agency