Celebrations Follows Supreme Court Ruling

Hundreds of supporters aligned to Jubilee Party in Embu joined the rest of the country in a massive show of solidarity following the Supreme Court decision to uphold President Uhuru Kenyatta’s 26th October re-election victory.

Led by Kirimari Ward MCA Morris Nyaga supporters thronged the streets of Embu town immediately after the verdict chanting ululations and proclaimed that Justice has finally been done the upholding the victory of President Uhuru Kenyatta by the Highest court in the land.

Morris further vowed to promote unity of purpose among the diverse people living in Embu Town irrespective of their ethic backgrounds in Kirimari Ward, we have people of Luo, Kikuyu, Kamba and Kalenjins ethnicity and we must continue co-existing as we have always done he vowed while addressing his supporters out-side Embu Catholic Church.

Youth leaders, Bancy Njoki and Joseph Kithinji called on their counterparts to desist from being used by politicians to cause disturbances. We must learn to live together as brothers and sisters irrespective of our ethnicity they urged.

And Nyeri town and its environs was sent into near frenzy celebrations following the Supreme Court ruling upholding president Uhuru Kenyatta’s victory during the repeat presidential elections.

Residents jammed the streets of Nyeri town immediately after the ruling was delivered singing and dancing bringing business in the busy town to a standstill.

Newly installed governor, Mutahi Kahiga, an hour later joined the celebrations giving the residents new impetus to continue with the revelry.

Mutahi termed the victory as hard earned and well deserved as he welcomed the Supreme Court ruling that now puts an end to months of politics surrounding elections.

He said it was time now that focus shifted to nation building as called on Nasa leaders and supporters to accept and respect the ruling just as President Kenyatta did following the nullification of his August 8 win.

And in Maralal town, a section of residents in Samburu county have welcomed the supreme court’s ruling of upholding president Kenyattas October 26 victory.

This is after a presidential petition that had been filed in court against president Uhuru Kenyatta’s victory in October26 repeat polls.

Both Jubilee and NASA supporters in the region welcomed the ruling saying it will enable the country to move forward economically.

Even though not happy with the Supreme Court’s ruling, Josephat Lekadeli is among those who have accepted the superior court’s decision for the country’s economical activities to resume as usual before they were disrupted by August8 elections’ aftermath.

We welcome the supreme court’s ruling because we are very tired of politics. It is now time for politics to end. Personally I would not have voted if the Maraga team nullified the election results again, said Maurice Lekurum.

However, supporters from the two political camps have called upon their colleagues in different areas across the country to follow suit despite their satisfaction or dissatisfaction.

If you are in NASA or government come together so that we can build our country together, this country is better than our favourite politicians as it holds future of our generations, advised John Mbai, a resident of Maralal town.

President Kenyatta has been urged to adopt urgent measures that would unite country after polls as the country is headed in the wrong direction politically.

He has been further urged to urgently address a land-livestock conflict in the neighbouring Laikipia County as soon as he sworn into office.

It is very wrong for his government to kill our source of livelihood. He must give this a priority upon settling in his office, added Mbai.

While in Narok county the residents were optimistic that their businesses will thrive after the Supreme Court upheld the election of President Uhuru Kenyatta and his Deputy William Ruto.

Catherine Nyokabi a resident of Majengo said her business was moving on well before the August 8th elections but immediately the supreme nullified the elections, the flow of customers dropped making her to incur huge losses.

She urged Kenyans from all the 42 tribes to embrace brotherhood spirit for the good of the country.

Joseph Kamau, a youth leader in the county called on youths to shun politicians who incite them to violence by giving them cheap monies.

He said peace is the most precious thing in a country hence called on every individual to embrace one another and accept the court ruling.

A spot check in the busy town shown normalcy as residents continued with their businesses as usual. This is unlike what happened after the October 26th elections when five people were injured while celebrating President Uhuru Kenyatta’s victory.

Trouble began after Jubilee supporters who had thronged the town to celebrate Jubilee’s victory were confronted by people believed to be opposition NASA supporters who attacked them with clubs and stones injuring them.

In Narok President Uhuru Kenyatta managed to get 126,215 votes while Raila Odinga got 1,257 votes in the re-run elections.

On August 8th, the Kenyatta garnered 149,083 votes in the region against Odinga’s 129,545 votes.

In Narok North Kenyatta garnered 21,048, Narok East(12,354),Emurua Dikirr(21,163), Narok West(17,920), Kilgoris(27,876) and 25,854 in Narok South.

On the other side Odinga got 157 votes in Narok North,97 in Narok East,147 votes in Narok West,483 votes in Kilgoris,169 in Emurua Dikirr and 204 votes in Narok South constituencies.

Thirdway Alliance’s flag bearer Dr Ekuru Eukot came third in the county with 253 votes followed by Abduba Dida who garnered 119 votes while Kaluyu Kavinga(99), ,Jirongo Khwa(36)while Michael Wainaina and Joe Nyaga managed got 75 votes each.

And Turkana north member of Parliament Christopher Nakuleu has welcomed the supreme court ruling that upheld President Uhuru Kenyatta’s reelection.

He hailed the apex court judges for their decision saying it allows the country to move forward after a long electioneering period.

The judges did well to uphold President Kenyatta’s reelection. It shows that the will of the people has carried the day, said Nakuleu.

He however regretted that the economy has suffered due to the uncertainty caused by the extended period of politicking.

He called on all Kenyans to respect the Supreme Court ruling and move on with their lives.

He said Kenyans need to work extra hard to recover the lost time.

At the same time, the legislator commended Turkana county residents for being peaceful even after the Supreme Court annulled president Kenyatta’s August 8, win.

We have seen a lot of maturity from Turkana county residents. It is very encouraging to see that democracy has taken root in our county, he added.

County leaders opposed calls for mass protests that were called by NASA leadership.

Governor Josphat Nanok and Turkana central MP John Lodepe Nakara, who were elected on ODM ticket in the August general election, urged their supporters to ignore mass protest calls.

As a county, we have been lagging behind for many years. Let those in major cities take part in the mass protests, but as for us, we urge our supporters not to vote but remain at home, Nanok told a public gathering during the mashujaa day celebrations on October 20 in Lodwar.

Nakara also asked his supporters to stay at home alleging that they risked losing their lives during confrontations with the police.

We do not want to lose lives. so we call upon our supporters to stay at home on October 26, Nakara said on October 20.

Source: Kenya News Agency