Cattle rustlers to be prosecuted for murder

Samburu leaders have vowed to no longer hold dialogue on killings that occur during cattle rustling incidents in Samburu North sub county.

Led by Samburu governor Moses Lenolkulal, the leaders said that cattle rustlers should not only be answerable to robbery with violence but should be charged with murder.

Lenolkulal noted that after every cattle rustling incident between communities living in Samburu north, the number of those who lose their lives are always over shadowed by the number of livestock stolen.

Speaking in Baragoi after a security meeting, the governor said that for many years cattle rustlers have been killing herders during planned raids but the primary function of the locals and the security apparatus is usually to recover the stolen livestock.

Bandits plan and execute their moves to the book and the motive is to kill anyone who resists. But we have nicknamed it cattle rustling but it is robbery with violence, he said.

He said that for the victims to get justice, elders should not only negotiate the return of stolen animals; but police should make sure the killers are apprehended and charged in court.

Echoing the governor’s remarks, Samburu North MP Alloys Lentoimaga said that the approach to cattle rustling should change from elders’ negotiations to courtroom prosecutions.

The MP noted that cattle rustling never ends because families of those killed feel that justice is never served and consequently they plan retaliatory attacks to recover their animals and kill to avenge the ones they lost.

For the victims to get justice recovery of animals should be handled separately and murder should be handled in a court of law instead of appeasing the family of the dead with a few goats and cows, he noted.

Lentopimaga called on the Cabinet Secretary for internal security to prioritize the eradication of cattle rustling in pastoralist communities.

On Friday, two Samburu morans lost their lives during a cattle rustling incident in Suiyan village in Samburu North and the bandits made away with 1,409 cows, 1,200 goats and sheep and five donkeys raising tension between communities living in the volatile north.

Source: Kenya News Agency