Casual workers go on strike demanding pay

Operations at Homa-Bay County Teaching and Referral Hospital have been paralyzed after more than 30 casual workers hired by a private company to clean the facility, went on strike over unpaid salaries.

The strike that has lasted for a period of one week has paralyzed all cleaning operations at the facility creating a health hazard in the hospital.

The casual laborers allegedly said that they have not yet been paid their dues for the last three months.

The workers who were contracted under the cleaning company known as ”Key Cleaners” to undertake general cleaning at the Hospital vowed not to continue with their duties until their accumulated wedges were paid.

Speaking to KNA at the hospital compound, they regretted that some of them have been evicted from their rental houses by the landlords due to unpaid rents for three months.

At the same time, they added that their children are now staying at home because they have failed to pay School fees, saying that they can’t even provide their families with daily needs.

They further disclosed that they have made several attempts to demand for their payments from the Key Cleaner Management but all in vain.

They demand that the Key Cleaner management to come out to explain to them why there are delays in payments.

When contacted for comment over the matter, Key Cleaner Manager Duncan Onyango Omom admitted that the laborers have not been paid; saying that the payment has not been made following the fire incident that razed down on County government offices two weeks ago.

He promised to pay them as soon as he gets money from the county government.

Source: Kenya News Agency