Case of child with stitching needles in body postponed

A case involving parents of a 10-month old baby who was found with 14 stitching needles in her body late 2017 will now be heard on March 6 after two key witnesses failed to turn-up in court Monday morning.

Appearing before Thika Resident Magistrate Brenda Bartoo, the couple,Jacinta Ndunge and Isaac Gichure who have been in custody since 2017 after failing to pay Sh 300,000 bond with surety of similar amount, pleaded with the court to provide a convenient hearing date.

One of the witnesses whose name was not revealed stated that he was attending official duties. The magistrate ordered that the two witnesses must appear on the provided hearing date to facilitate the full hearing of the case.

The two were arrested by Thika children’s officers in collaboration with Thika police officers when the baby who was receiving treatment at Thika level 5 hospital was found with 14 stitching needles lodged inside her buttocks.

Medics successfully removed 13 of the 14 needles with one still stuck in the baby’s hip bone and cannot be removed as it can interfere with the kids vital organs.The toddler was rescued and has since been recuperating at Macheo children’s home in Thika.

Source: Kenya News Agency