Cape Verde on alert over viral disease outbreak

Cape Verde has reported the outbreak of Zika, a viral disease.

Health officials have recorded 4,182 cases of Zika virus infections over the past two months.

“Since October 2 when Zika virus was confirmed for the first time in Cape Verde, 4,182 cases have been diagnosed on three islands,” Health minister Cristina Fontes Lima, told the Portuguese news agency, Lusa, on Sunday.

She added: “46 cases where diagnosed on Fogo Island, 322 on Maio and the remaining on Santiago,” pointing out that there were no fatalities so far.

Yellow spots

The island state was on high alert with the authorities appealing for prevention reinforcement and urging the infected to immediately seek treatment.

Zika’s symptoms are yellow spots on the face, limbs and trunk with itch, headaches and fever

There is no vaccine for the condition.

Though new in Cape Verde, Zika virus’s first human infection dates back to 1950 in Nigeria.