Candidates traumatized after anti-IEBC protesters destroy their school fence

More than 160 KCSE candidates at St Matthias Secondary School in Busia County are living in fear after angry residents destroyed their school’s perimeter wall on Thursday.

Addressing the press on Friday, the school’s Principal Titus Isogol said the students were now traumatized and cannot concentrate on their studies after the group threatened to torch the school dormitory and IEBC election materials.

Yesterday, IEBC officials kicked off the election exercise at the school but our neighbours were not happy and they started showing signs that they wanted to ensure that the exercise does not continue, he said adding that security officers manning the polling station also made reports to their seniors.

Isogol said the group started shouting over the perimeter wall and by 1.30 pm, the wall collapsed.

The candidates who were in class were surprised at what was happening and security officers had to shoot in the air because a big crowd wanted to storm the school and some of them entered the dormitories, he said adding the students also rushed to the dorms to ensure the safety of their items.

He said the mob from Marachi threatened to torch the school as they engaged the police in running battles.

Even though no suspect has been arrested, our students are traumatized and we had to take five of the affected students to the hospital, he said.

The Principal said the group resurfaced Friday morning and threatened them forcing him to consult with the County Commander, County TSC Director and Criminal Investigating department.

As we speak now, we are a worried lot and the school has encountered a loss of Sh. 3.7 million that was used to construct the perimeter wall, he said.

Isagol appealed to well- wishers, the government and IEBC to immediately salvage the situation by re-constructing the wall and counseling the students.

We are requesting those who can offer counseling services because they are traumatized after hearing gun shots, he said adding that offering security alone will not help much.

The Principal said the attackers are bitter with the ongoing elections and failure by students to join them in demonstrations.

He urged the government to use other institutions for election exercise especially when students are in session.

Source: Kenya News Agency