Cancer and Diabetes cited as the highest killer in Kiambu County

Pneumonia, Cancer and diabetes have been recorded as the main cause of deaths in Kiambu County for the last 2 years.

According to the Kiambu County Statistical abstract 2016, pneumonia claimed the lives of 1704, cancer complications took 783 people while 568 succumbed to diabetes.

The other cause of death that was also worrisome to medics was HIV/AIDS related complications which claimed 548 lives while hypertension claimed 425 lives respectively.

Confirming the report Kiambu County In-Charge of Non Communicable diseases Dr Edward Maina Pneumonia is more pronounced within Thika, Limuru, Lari and Kikuyu towns.

He pointed out that Pneumonia had become a great killer within Kiambu County both amongst adults and children below the ages of 5 years saying that poor ventilation, moist walls and substandard paints have led to rise of the killer disease within the mentioned urban towns.

He explained that due to the population boom recorded in the urban centers, there has been an increase in construction of apartments which do not meet stipulated health standards.

Most patients that present themselves in our health facilities have a history of living in apartments especially on the ground floor where ventilation is poor and the rooms are moist, he said.

Cancer has also become a challenge in Kiambu County with most of the patients reporting in our facilities residing within the urban towns.

Research conducted by our surveillance department attributes the upsurge of the killer disease to Industrial Chemical emissions and pesticides especially in Thika, Ruiru and Limuru. he explained.

The increase of lifestyle related diseases which include Diabetes and Hypertension have been attributed to sedentary lifestyles and poor eating habits.

Families have embraced the Western eating habits and totally abandoned the traditional foods and since the western foods are mostly processed and have little or no fiber content, it’s more destructive to the body, he stressed

Hypertension is more rampant in Thika, Ruiru and Kiambu towns respectively town where fast foods have replaced restaurants and attracts a lot of customers especially the youth and working population, he concluded.

Source: Kenya News Agency