Calm returns to Sololo town and environs after terror suspect is relocated

Calm has returned to Sololo Town, Marsabit County after a three-day tension caused by arrest of a suspected armed terrorist on Wednesday at Manyatta Golbo village.

An attack on a police convoy that was transporting the suspect to Moyale from Sololo police station, by a group of armed criminals at Qate in an attempt to rescue him, triggered the security situation.

Sololo Sub-county Deputy County Commissioner, Dennis Kieti said that more security personnel were brought in to enhance security and confirmed that the suspect was relocated to Nairobi Saturday for interrogation.

Kieti said a Ceska pistol loaded with 8 ammunitions was recovered from the suspect alleged to be a member of the Oromo Liberation Front (OLF).

A team of security personnel from the anti-terrorism police unit stumbled on the suspect as they pursued two other wanted terror culprits in the area.

The incident caused tension in the area as enraged youths demanded the release of the middle aged man or else they invade police station to set him free, thus creating anxiety and fear among residents.

However, business in the town, which had slowed down during the short period has since returned to normalcy.

Marsabit county Commissioner Gilbert Kitiyo advised residents against being defensive to suspected criminals but instead support law enforcement agents in efforts to safeguarding their lives and property.

Kitiyo, who is also the chairman of the county security and intelligence committee, said the government was committed to state security and directed chiefs and their assistants to ensure that the Nyumba kumi initiative was fully operational.

The County Commissioner said through the initiative, residents would be able to identify strangers and suspicious characters in their localities and report them to relevant authorities for necessary action.

I am imploring on members of the public irrespective of where they live to always give our security agents valuable support, he said, adding that any purported defense of perceived wrong doers can only be done through legal means.

Source: Kenya News Agency