NAIROBI, The National Cohesion and Integration Commission is conducting countrywide peace forums to unite Kenyans after a conflict-ridden election.

The Commission is calling on Kenyans to rise above ethnic-based politics and maintain the spirit of peace love and unity.

The Commission is engaging Kenyans in a campaign to coexist in harmony saying politics shouldn’t divide people.

Speaking in Garissa NCIS Commissioner Prof Gitile Naituli said elections are practically over and Kenyans must move on and rise above petty politics.

Naituli said it was unfortunate that politicians who want to lead this nation are the same people perpetuating violence through incitement.

The commission he said has already presented 300 cases of hate speech in court and are awaiting judgment.

He called on President Uhuru Kenyatta and other political leaders to come together and focus on unifying the nation despite the conflicting political ideologies.

And in Isiolo, the Catholic Diocese has commenced post-election recovery dialogue forums in a bid to foster the much-needed cohesion inwards most affected by the hugely divisive election period.

Through the Catholic Justice and Peace Commission with the help of area elders, the church has identified particular wards that have been worst hit by the just concluded electioneering period.

The commission’s Coordinator Nancy Minage said political bitterness is threatening to tear apart society and neighbors in some areas no longer even shake hands.