Businesspersons champion for political tolerance in the country

A section of businesspersons in Thika town have called upon Kenyans to embrace peace and political tolerance for the sake of the billions worth of businesses and investments Kenyans have put in place.

Led by Urithi Premier Sacco Chairman, Pius Thuku, the businesspersons stated that businesses were the most affected as chaotic youth burnt, destroyed and looted from other people’s investments.

He said that some ill-intentioned politicians used youth to cause chaos during political campaigns or after they lose their seats.

The youths who fight and cause chaos are incited by the leaders who only want good for themselves and do not mind the state of the countrymen after the elections. They steal and destroy property but we are, saying there will be no repeat of the same in Kenya, Thuku said.

Thuku also called upon the leaders to ensure there was calm across the country and remind their supporters that it is not a do or die situation for them as they should trust the State bodies and respect the outcomes of the elections.

Another businessmen, Samuel Maina asked the press to report responsibly and follow the guidelines by IEBC and Communications Authority of Kenya among others to ensure they do not ignite violence among Kenyans.

Let’s all take the responsibility of championing for peace at this time and avoid doing contrary to what you have been directed. The media is a key sector that should be in the frontline in preaching peace in the country and let us practice responsible reporting, Maina advised.

He added that Kenya has made huge progress in terms of economic growth in the recent past and called upon the investors across the country both foreign and domestic to preach peace.

The businesspersons said that many investments had been put on hold to give way to the general elections and vowed to champion for peace in their organizations by giving every employee a chance to vote in their leader of choice.

Source: Kenya News Agency