Business close early in Mandera despite curfew lifting

Business premises in Mandera have been closing as early as 6pm despite the lifting of curfew orders on the eve of Ramadhan by the government.

The government lifted the three months curfew during the one month Muslim fasting period that had been enforced since March 28th and was expected to end on June 28th.

A green grocer at a local market, Hussein Noor told KNA that the closure was meant to protect customers and traders from Al Shabaab attacks which happened under the cover of darkness.

Noor said police could not be everywhere to protect residents hence the need for protective measures to evade terrorists’ strikes.

We are aware that our enemies strike under the cover of darkness and therefore we need to be at home early enough as we do not know when and where the enemy will attack again, he said.

Mandera County Commissioner (CC), Fredrick Shisia reassured residents that security agents were on high alert to thwart any attacks by the Al Shabaab.

We have intensified patrols by our officers and sealed off hot spot areas from being accessed by our enemies. This has drastically reduced attacks, said Shisia.

However, he called on residents to cooperate with security officers in maintaining security through information sharing.

The Al Shabaab have killed ten police officers and two civilians at different incidents by planting bombs on roads over the past one and half months.

Source: Kenya News Agency