Busia residents urged to safeguard traditions

The Busia Governor’s wife, Judy Ojaamong has appealed to Busia communities to jealously protect their culture and traditional values for future generations.

Mrs. Ojaamong said the communities risked having clueless future generations, if they allow modernization to infiltrate and usurp their cultures.

She made the appeal at Chamasiri in Teso North Sub County on Saturday during the burial of Mzee Andrew Barasa who died at the age of 100 years.

As a county we should strive to tap knowledge of the octogenarians amidst us and document local culture to avoid the risk of our future generations having to rely on guesswork. The life expectancy in Kenya currently stands at 70 years. Clocking a century like Mzee Barasa is just but a bonus. We should cherish this gesture by documenting insights from such heroes who go to the grave with a lot of knowledge, she stated.

Mrs. Ojaamong urged politicians who have not embraced the handshake to do so for the sake of development, adding that, those in office should be given time to deliver on their mandate, rather than fighting them daily.

The late Barasa was the father to Malaba Town Administrator, Roseline Ashepete.

Source: Kenya News Agency