Bus swept into a river by raging waters

A bus belonging to Eldoret Express company was on Saturday morning swept into the water when the driver attempted to cross the flooded seasonal river Lagga at Kalimorok in Turkana county.

The Turkana County Police Commander, Ronald Opili confirmed the 4’00 am incident but said nobody was injured during the incident.

The driver and some of the passengers swam to the other side towards Lodwar. Those who could not swim climbed on top of the bus before they were rescued, said Opili.

Opili said the bus engine failed after it took a lot of water in the middle of the seasonal river. The bus which was travelling from Kitale to Lodwar later sank into the waters.

According to the police boss, the bus driver ignored warning not to cross Kainuk bridge which was partly washed off by floods. Only light vehicles were allowed to cross the Kainuk Bridge.

Most passengers spent the night on the roads as parts of the Kanikuk-Lodwar road were rendered impassable due to the heavy rains that have caused flash floods.

Opili said he was also affected by the transport challenges as he could not travel past Lochwangamatak about 20km from Lodwar because the drift was flooded.

Meanwhile, the Kenya National Highways Authority (KeNHA) has warned motorists to avoid crossing the Kainuk Bridge which is on the verge of collapsing.

In a statement released last evening, the authority said, The KeNHA would like to issue an urgent public advisory to all motorists and members of the public that due to heavy rain experienced within the North Western part of Kenya, the approaches to Kainuk Bridge, which serves as a crucial link between Marich Pass and Lokichar, along the Kitale � Lodwar � Nadapal Road, has been damaged and has therefore been restricted for use to all motorists and members of the public.

Initially, only one side had been affected and traffic was able to pass using one side of the bridge since yesterday but subsequent flooding has affected the embarkment walls of the bridge, thus rendering it unsafe for use.

KeNHA advises all motorists to be patient as an urgent solution is being implemented to address the situation, the authority said in a statement from Charles Njogu, Assistant Director Corporate Communication.

The transport challenges are likely to cause losses to traders in Lodwar who rely on goods from Kitale. Food prices are also likely to hike due to the crisis.

An hotelier in Lodwar, Mary Wangeci, expressed concern that food prices shoot whenever there are transportation delays.

Source: Kenya News Agency