Bungoma County Launches Staff Audit

Bungoma Governor Wycliffe Wangamati on Tuesday launched a staff audit in an exercise is expected to clean ghost employees off the county payroll.

Speaking at the County Head Office in Bungoma where he also handed in signed forms declaring his monthly gross pay, his physical office address and a summary of his daily tasks, Wangamati said the audit is meant to ensure that only those employees who actually work to deliver services to the people of Bungoma will be paid.

He said the exercise, which also involves physical verification and head count, is so designed to address fears that the County payroll is loaded with hundreds of absentee employees, dead staff and even those who have since retired.

By the end of this exercise in another week, we will have cleaned our payroll of any ghost employees if there are any, he said.

He said that any employee whose forms will not have been physically verified and delivered by close of deadline will have their names expunged from the payroll.

As County employee No 1, I have had to go through the exercise. I expect that everyone else does so before the June 26, 2018, he said, warning that those who fail to do will miss their June salaries.

The exercise, which kicks off officially today (Wednesday), will see one day allocated to employees from two departments to physically file their forms with County Treasury.

According to Finance and Planning Chief Officer Chris Barasa, the Treasury will set up stations in sub-counties to serve employees in outposts and satellite offices.

The exercise includes employees stating their title, Job Group, brief job description, employee’s physical office address, supervisor and gross pay.

Other supporting documents attached to the form include Letter of Appointment, pay-slip, photocopy of ID and passport size photograph.

The supervisors will confirm that they know the employee to work under them and that they report on duty every working day.

Source: Kenya News Agency