Bungoma Chief Officer Dies in Road Crash

Bungoma Livestock chief officer Jacob Okisegere died yesterday following a road crash on Tuesday night.

Okisegere’s vehicle crashed into a trailer on the Webuye-Malaba highway.

He was rushed to Lumboka Hospital, where he died.

Bungoma Governor Kenneth Lusaka said Okisegere was humble and energetic.

“Death has snatched a great person from this county. He was behind the initiative of giving dairy cows to vulnerable groups,” he said.

Bungoma Public Administration Mokin Ptanguny said it is devastating to lose “such a young and energetic team member”.

Gender chief officer Consolata Wakwabubi said the county government had lost a person who represented the youth and marginalised groups.

Lusaka condemned truck drivers driving at night.

He said the county will make by-laws to bar them.

Okisegere is survived by a wife and two children.

Operations at the Bungoma government headquarters were brought to halt as staff flocked to the Lumboka Hospital to view his body.