Bring sanity to the transport sector

Drivers operating Public Service Vehicles (PSVs) and private ones have been urged to observe traffic rules to avoid unnecessary loss of lives through road accidents.

Speaking during an interview with the press in his office on Tuesday, Nyanza Police Regional Co-ordinator, Willy Lugusa, said efforts to reduce road carnage should be a collective responsibility by all road users.

“This year will be a year of change”, he said, adding that those who do not want to follow the law in the region will be in for a hard time.

Lugusa advised the PSV and Private Transport operators to keep their vehicles well to avoid being at loggerheads with traffic officers.

He further stated that PSC vehicles must have SACCO names written on them for ease in identification.

The Regional Police Co-ordinator at the same time told vehicle operators to take regular crackdown by police officers positively because they are aimed at correcting minor mistakes that could lead to accidents.

“We will not allow people to hold police officers at ransom because of cracking down on roadworthy vehicles because traffic rules must be adhered to”, he remarked.

Lugusa further explained that compliance to traffic rules is not a creation of the police and that people must abide by them because flouting the rules automatically leads to infringing on the rights of others.

“There is no segregation but ours is to apply the law irrespective of who you are”, he said.

He commended the local residents for co-operating with the law enforcement officers, adding that the county had experienced calm for the past three months.

Kisumu Traffic Police Base Commander, Jane Mbevi, said road accidents in the region had reduced to 66% compared to last year.

By Salome Alwanda