Borana elders pick another candidate

Borana elders from Marsabit County have endorsed a last election governor’s seat loser Mohammud Ali as the community candidate who would challenge the incumbent Ukur Yattani in the 2017 elections .

The Borana elders held a meeting at Sololo in Moyale Sub-County on Friday with 17 clans of the larger community being represented.

Also 60 elders from the Borana Council of Elders were in attendance.

Those said to be interested in the seat were the National Hospital Insurance Fund (NHIF) Chairman, Mohamud Ali, the Kajiado County Commissioner, Kello Harsama and a civil servant, Guyo Kuchana.

However, Mr. Ali was endorsed by the elders after both his rivals stepped down in his favour.

Observers were from Isiolo and Nairobi.

The chairman of the council Galma Dabaso said the three aspirants were suitable and had enough experience but the elders asked them to sit down and come up with one name which they would agree upon.

The aspirants were taken through a process of giving their academic qualification, work experience and what they did to contribute to the well-being of the society, Dabaso said.

Members of Parliament, Roba Duba (Moyale), Ali Rasso (Saku) and former Saku legislator, Hussein Sasura were present among others.

The elders asked other hopefuls to run for other elective posts like Members of Parliament and Members of the County Assembly in Moyale and Saku while they would go into alliance with other communities for the other seats.

Hussein Kadida, who co-chaired the meeting, said the process ended cheerfully and Ali would go for the seat alone.

Harsama said he stepped down for the sake of unity of the community whom he alleged are currently marginalised.

Mr. Ali said he would seek support from other communities in the County and pledged to serve them all fairly if elected.

By David Nduro