Boost as Migori gold prospectors get modern tools

Gold miners at Osiri Matanda gold mine in Nyatike Sub-county will now use modern technology to extract gold.

Away from the old system of using mercury to mine gold, they will now use sophisticated machines in their daily errands in the many goldmines dotting the region courtesy of a foreign Company.

Kenya’s World Gold Link Company manager Joseph Chege said the Company with its roots in Sweden had agreed to partner with gold miners in the region with the aim of saving their lives that was always at risk from Mercury.

Speaking at Osiri market, Chege who was accompanied by the Company’s Swedish Director Rulph Guildstrom said the new machines technology to be applied was safe compared to the Mercury that affects the health of prospectors.

The main purpose of the machines being in the mines is to make sure that all the Gold mines in the region are ridden off mercury that is known to affect the health of many Gold miners especially women miners who sift through the water and dust to help them get the gold using mercury deposits, he said.

Mr. Guildstrom said the machine will also help to ease the work of gold miners in the pits as it will make work easy for them to extract gold.

The machines will also allow prospectors especially women extract the precious stones within a short time and with little energy to waste.

The coordinator of the Osiri Matanda gold mines Eunice Atieno acknowledged the good gesture from the Company, saying they will now reap much from their businesses.

For decades, the gold mining activities in the region has come out to be a risky venture with many deaths being registered almost every month due to the old ways of extracting gold.

In 2017 alone more than 20 gold miners perished inside the mines due to suffocation, inhaling of carbon monoxide from the generators used in pumping water from flooded gold pits and collapsing pits burying miners alive.

Source: Kenya News Agency