Bondo fishermen given a three day notice to stop using illegal gears

Fishermen in Bondo Sub-county have been given a three-day ultimatum to remove illegal fishing gears from the waters of Lake Victoria failure to which they will face arrests and prosecution.

The Chairman of Bondo Sub-county Beach Management Unit (BMU) Network, Johannes Gaunye, warned that they plan to conduct a massive crackdown on the illegal fishing gears across all beaches within the region at the expiry of the notice.

Gaunye stated that the measure was aimed at conserving the lake and to prevent fish depletion and pleaded with fishermen to move with speed and remove the said gears before the long arm of the law caught up with them.

The Chairman who spoke at a Bondo hotel during the area BMU network meeting at the same time directed all the beach leaders in the region to ensure they work closely with the Authorities to weed out illicit liquor and drugs in their respective areas.

He lamented that the illicit liquor which was usually sneaked into the country from Uganda through the lake had seriously ruined the future of many young people along the lake, hence the need for the crackdown.

Gaunye was accompanied by his Secretary, Joseph Ogwel who echoed similar sentiments and at the same time cautioned the fishermen against selling their catch while still within the lake, saying doing so made the fight against illegal gears more difficult.

Source: Kenya News Agency