BOM chair replaced for rejecting newly tranfered principal

A Catholic Priest who has been the The Board of management( BOM) chairman of a Church sponsored secondary school in Kisii County has been sacked after he reportedly locked out and led other members to reject a newly transferred principal from taking over the running of the institution .

Following the sacking of Rev, Father James Obaigwa, The Deputy BOM Chairman will discharge the responsibilities of the Chairman at Cardinal Otunga, Mosocho High school until elections were held to pick another chairman.

The Kisii County Eduction Board also revoked Father James Obaigwa’s appointment as chairman and member of the board for interfering with the smooth handing/taking by the incoming Principal , Denis Munyendo.

Dr. Henry Onderi, the CEB Chairman, accused Fr. Obaigwa of giving instructions to the school administration not to allow the new principal to access his new office claiming the sponsor did not recognize his transfer.

Dr. Onderi said Fr. Obaigwa who had shut out the principal from the school for three days, snubbed the county education board’s directive to come to the school and resolve the impasse keeping the members waiting for the whole day.

According to Onderi, the chairman later directed that the office be opened on receiving information that the county administration had taken up the matter.

The CEB chairman warned the school’s BOM and others elsewhere in the county, to stick to their mandate or risk drastic measures including prosecution.

Onderi termed the incident a deliberate move bent on underminingon-going efforts by the education ministry to improve education standards.

However, after the impasse, the former principal, Zachary Nyariki handedover to Munyendo when schools re-opened for the first term and reported to his new station, Kimilili High school in Bungoma county.

Source: Kenya News Agency