Boda Boda Operators vow to restore sanity in the sector

Boda boda operators in Narok town have introduced stage registration numbers for the over 5,000 motorbikes to tame rogue motorcyclists to reduce boda boda related crimes.

Speaking to the press after they were elected in office, the officials said the sector has been linked to crime such as transportation of illegal goods like bhang, illicit brew and robbery.

John Nampaso, who was re-elected the Chairman vowed to bring sanity into the industry by ensuring that criminal elements hiding in their midst are weeded out.

As boda boda operators we are law abiding citizens and the allegations that we are being used to commit crimes as well as to ferry illegal cargo are untrue. In fact we are on the forefront in addressing this issue, said Nampaso.

Nampaso reiterated each of the bikes shall bear a stage name and number for identification purposes.

The operators also lamented over high monthly charges by the county government, saying the Sh. 500 payment was too high and appealed to the county to reduce it to Sh. 300.

We appreciate the freedom of operation given by the county government but we feel the Sh. 500 monthly stickers are not worth it as we do not have sheds and the roads to the outskirts of the town are poor thus increase the cost of bike maintenance, said the boda boda official.

Nicholas Pareiyo who was elected as the Coordinator asked the members to observe high standards of hygiene to appeal to customers’ failure to one may face two-month ban from the business.

We want to provide quality service to our esteemed customers and those who are not observing cleanliness shall face action. We have directed stage leaders to be doing monitoring on these, said Pareiyo.

The operators have also complained over manhandling by county askaris. Some people purporting to be county askaris come to us demanding Sh. 300 to give us a Sh. 500 stickers and we do not know whether indeed they are county officers or imposters that is why we want them to be in uniform for us to know their authenticity, said Peter Maina, the newly elected Secretary.

The Town administrator, Joel Nkurumwa hailed the operators for holding peaceful elections and asked them to channel their grievances to his office for appropriate action.

Source: Kenya News Agency