Bishop Korir Backs Uhuru Stand on Gays

Catholic Bishop Cornelius Korir yesterday backed President Uhuru Kenyatta’s stand on gays and lesbians.

During a meeting with US President Barack Obama on Saturday, Uhuru said the issue of gays and lesbians was not a priority.

Uhuru responded to Obama, who had said gays should be treated equally just as other Kenyans.

Korir said although Obama had the right to speak on the matter, his views cannot be forced on Kenyans.

“As a country we respect his view, but I laud President Uhuru for making our position clear on the matter,” the Eldoret bishop said.

Korir spoke to journalists in Eldoret town.

He said Kenya’s cultures and traditions are clear on such issues and the youth should not be forced or misled to copy foreign cultures.

Korir said many Kenyans have not accepted homosexuality.

He said the church will continue to fight for good morals in society.

The Bible is clear on marriage and family issues and Kenyans should not allow the same-sex marriages advocated in other parts of the world, Korir said.

He said proposals to introduce sex education in schools are wrong.

“If we accept such it means our responsibility as parents in society has failed. We will be allowing other people to take over and teach our children things we don’t know,” Korir said.

The bishop urged parents to guide their children.

“It’s the work of parents to talk to children about sex and other issues to do with morality. We cannot leave that to other people,” he said.

Korir said the church will pray for advocates of immorality to change their ways.