Bishop Kalu pledges fair process to elect successor

The Mombasa Anglican Church of Kenya, Bishop Julius Kalu has promised a free, fair and credible process of appointing his successor.

Speaking at St. Michael ACK Church in Kwale County during a Sunday farewell service, Bishop Kalu who is retiring in December said the process to find his replacement kicked off last month.

He said the election has so far attracted eleven candidates out of which only three will be shortsighted by a panel from the church headquarters in Nairobi.

The Bishop who officially vacates office on January 7 said the election will as much as possible be conducted in strict adherence to the laid down church procedures.

We do not want to see the election of the new bishop marred by political wrangles as witnessed in some of our dioceses, he said and asked the faithful to pray for the process.

Bishop Kalu decried the infiltration of church elections by politics, saying it does not serve any purpose apart from dividing the faithful.

Wrangles have in the past frustrated the appointment of new bishops in a few regions leading to the appointment of commissary bishops to run their affairs.

Kalu, 64, is retiring after serving for 24 years in the diocese which was later split giving way to the creation of Malindi Diocese three years ago.

The Bishop said the diocese has achieved a lot under his watch despite some skeptics who doubted his leadership abilities when he took over as the third African bishop.

The critics did not hide their displeasure with my appointment with some wondering how a typical Giriama could lead the diocese but I have succeeded through God’s grace, an elated Kalu added.

Source: Kenya News Agency