Bhang farm discovered in Loosuk-Samburu Central

A bhang farm worth Sh.150, 000 was on Tuesday discovered by herders who were grazing their livestock in Ngweta Sanangur forest five kilometers from Loosuk trading centre.

Confirming the finding to KNA, the area Chief, Philip Lerno said that herders were grazing their livestock along the forest when they discovered the fenced area and later found that it contained bhang then reported the matter to him.

Lerno arrived at the scene, lauded the herders for their good work and later destroyed the bhang with the community elders as witnesses.

The administrator further warned those who involved themselves in such activity of growing bhang in the area that their days were numbered.

Lerno urged anyone who knew people involved in bhang growing to report to the security personnel or any chief near the area for action to be taken.

He disclosed that investigations were ongoing to identify who is the major dealer of the bhang business, saying, when found he or she would be arrested and prosecuted.

The chief said this was not the first time illicit bhang was found in Loosuk as it had happened several times.

Source: Kenya News Agency