Beneficiaries Of The Disabled Fund To Be Monitored

Administrators in Central region have been directed to monitor beneficiaries of the national disabled agency to ensure that they don’t abuse the benevolence of their benefactors.

The Central Regional Commissioner (RC), Wilfred Nyagwanga on Wednesday said Deputy County Commissioners and Chiefs will be expected to formulate mechanisms of tracking and evaluating the performance of beneficiaries of the National Fund for the Disabled of Kenya in order to establish whether the donations from the agency were translating into improvement of their social and economic status.

Nyagwanga said the Fund over the years has disbursed cash donations and given equipment worth millions of shillings to enhance social and economic empowerment of persons living with disabilities and time has come for stocktaking to establish whether indeed the donations were translating into improved livelihoods for the beneficiaries.

These donations must translate into changed fortunes in the lives of the beneficiaries and it behooves on you to monitor and evaluate their utilization in order to ensure that the objectives of the Fund are realized, said the regional head.

He said disability need not consign one to a life of handouts and reliance on others but through effective and efficient use of the donations, the disabled now have an opportunity of transforming themselves from being viewed as a burden to productive and economically competitive members of the society.

Said the administrator, Disabled persons if enabled can be able to lead a dignified, productive and fulfilling lives. The donations from the fund are geared towards achieving this.

The regional boss was speaking during a ceremony held outside his office where the fund announced disbursement of Sh. 9 million and equipment worth millions of shillings to disabled individuals and institutions catering for such persons in central region.

The Fund’s Vice Chairman, Peter Nyakiamo urged families with disabled members to register them with the Fund in order to access assistance.

Nyakiamo said the fund with its Sh. 300 million annual budget was in a position to extend its assistance to cover more beneficiaries so long as they were registered with the agency.

He said registration of disabled persons was a continuous process being spearheaded by chiefs and their assistants and was free from any encumbrances.

Source: Kenya News Agency