Being smart to survive in Web Design Business

As the technology scene continues to grow rapidly with the development of gadgets and brilliant innovations, competition in industry becomes very high and opportunities continue to diminish.

However only those who are innovative, patient and ready to try out their expertise voluntarily survive in the turbulent economic times where unemployment continues to cause concern.

Patrick Gitonga Mwiandi, a freelance web designer and content developer decided to venture into the web design business 5 years ago after completing school as he awaited for an opportunity in the industry

I was fresh out of college, a graduate with no job but I still did voluntary web design for a private company after finishing my internship programme at their organization. I felt sense of gratitude that the company had provided me with the opportunity when no one else would, he said smilingly when talking to KNA in Kiambu town.

He says that he eventually hanged his boots after gaining the required experience. I felt it was too demanding to continue working for someone voluntarily with no pay and yet I would go to the office each day. I quit the job since I felt I had acquired enough designing skills and immediately started my own business developing websites for individuals and other business he revealed.

Starting up was not that difficult and I required almost no capital since I owned a laptop which I used while at the university. My only expense was making business cards which I used my friends to distribute to their associates.

With a full-fledged plan and my sincere effort the experience I had gained and skills to handle projects individually, I was up and running, after just 2 months of operations he told KNA

For individuals who want to start their own blogs, I would charge them 25,000 shillings and for business and organization 60,000 shillings. Now 5 years later, it costs 50,000 shillings and 150,000 shillings respectively for the same services as more people embrace technology to sell and market their goods and services.

Gitonga says his success proved that innovation and resilience could match and it required a blend of thinking strategically and thoughtfully before he rolled out his programme.

The ICT expert also advised those interested in starting Web Design businesses to know their strengths and weaknesses. Your strengths will let you choose the main services to offer your clients and weaknesses will help you to avoiding wasting time, energy and resources on things you can delegate or ask for help he said.

It’s also important to realize your target market, what you are willing to offer your clients in terms of services so that once you create the website, do offer website maintenance to it to ensure it kept running.

Gitonga concluded that it is important to create attractive websites to gain credibility with clients and encourages starters that during these times of tough competition for those starting web design business to be patient and persevere the hardship they may face while getting started.

Source: Kenya News Agency