Bahati residents demonstrate against foresters

Residents of Kirima Top Area in Bahati in Nakuru North on Tuesday held a peaceful demonstration to register their displeasure over alleged mistreatment by an unnamed officer from the Kenya Forest Service (KFS).

The residents, who marched to the local Menengai forest station, alleged that the officer, popularly called by his nickname ‘shughuli,’ has for a long time threatened area residents with his gun.

The angry residents demanded action against the said officer further alleging that he recently threatened to shoot a middle aged man after they differed.

The residents’ spokesman, John Thuo, said women were afraid to venture into Menengai forest in search of firewood following the threats.

He claimed that no action had been taken against him despite complaints of perpetual threats.

The officer in charge of Menengai forest station, Erastus Mugo assured the residents of their security, adding that their concerns would be addressed appropriately.

Source: NewsAgency