Bags of coffee stolen from co-operative

At least 80 bags of coffee have been stolen in Komothai location of Githunguri in Kiambu County in various factories, which has been attributed to insecurity in the area.

Githunguri Police Deputy OCPD, Patrick Kafuro while talking to KNA in his office Friday, said there were many cases involving coffee theft, with the advent of harvesting season, where some people intended to benefit from farmers sweat.

He singled out Kagwanja coffee factory in Komothai as the latest factory to have reported theft of the 30 bags of coffee which was stolen from the drying line on July 24, 2018.

Previously, 50 bags had been stolen from other factories in the recent past, an issue which brought together the area’s security team at Komothai co-operative society.

The security chief blamed the cases on negligence by the management of the coffee society, saying most of them had employed aged men who can’t provide security at night, since they can’t manage to stay awake throughout the night.

However, it is also suspect that some of the small scale farmers in the area were behind the theft as they delivered many tons of the crop, which they did not harvest from their farms.

Kafuro mentioned that 2000 kilograms of coffee was stolen from Ruiru only to be found at Kanjai in Komothai.

In order to calm the situation and handle the matter appropriately, we need famers and residents of those areas that have been experiencing such cases to share information they might be having with us, to make our work easy to serve them,” he said.

He also urged the farmers and the factory management to ensure they install proper lighting facilities within the factory, saying if a facility was well lit, thieves would not attempt to steal the crop.

He also advised farmers to employ one of their own, who understood the pains of coffee farming as opposed to employing guards, who did not grow the crop as they were not vigilant while at the workplace.

Source: Kenya News Agency