Back plans with tangible action, counties told

Public Service and Gender Affairs Principal Secretary, Ms. Mwanamaka Mabruk, has challenged county governments to back their development plans and policies with concrete actions to actualise meaningful socio-economic changes in the lives of Kenyans.

Ms. Mabruk noted that if the county leaders strictly delivered on all their promises by prudently utilizing the allocated resources for development, locals would benefit hugely and enjoy the fruits of devolution.

Speaking when presiding over Kwale County Third Medium Term Plan 2018-2022 consultative forum at the Kenya School of Government Thursday, Ms. Mabruk noted that development issues were not about guess work but ought to be planned right from the grassroots level.

She underscored the need for government at both levels to work closely in ensuring overall development in the devolved units and the country. .

Planning for development requires inclusiveness since deviation from this will lead to uncoordinated development activities and programmes which will not amount to anything impactful on the ground, she said.

She called on members of the public to take a keen interest in what the county government was planning to ensure the projects and programmes envisioned were actually implemented.

The public cannot afford to be apathetic and disinterested in the development taking place around them since they have a constitutional right to know what the government is doing for them, said Ms. Mabruk.

She said the government had initiated the third MTP with more focus on industrialization and an increased level of investments to enhance employment in line with Vision 2030.

Source: Kenya News Agency