Attacks on police must stop

Police in Bomet County have issued a stern warning to locals who have been attacking law enforcement officers out to arrest law breakers.

The Police Commander, Noami Ichami issued the cautionary statement on Wednesday following rampant attacks on police officers in Bomet East, a sub county said to have the most criminal activities in the County.

Ichami said the most recent occurrence happened at Mulot where police had gone on a raid on illicit brew dens where the locals began wailing and attacked the police with crude weapons.

She said the police were forced to fire live ammunition but fortunately no one was injured. The officers were however forced to abort the mission.

The officer said the incident was an indicator of lawlessness and existence of individuals who were daring enough to break the law and expect to go unscathed.

The police boss however said the police carried live ammunition and that they were ready to use them especially if their own lives were in danger. She asked those with such tendencies to desist and allow the law to take its course.

Source: Kenya News Agency