At least 60,000 people in Narok stare at starvation in the face

At least 60,000 people in Narok will face starvation following failure of long rains 2017, a county report has projected.

The report on the status of the county by County Deputy Director of Agriculture Ernest Muendo revealed that the number of people requiring food aid could go to as high as 130,000 if the situation did not improve soon.

Speaking during a meeting organised by National Drought Management Authority (NADMA), Muendo said the expected long rains were not adequate leading to projected poor yields.

He said the invasion of the fall army worm, African army worms and wheat head army worms which invaded over 50, 000 hectares of maize, wheat and livestock pasture have further complicated the situation.

The report indicated that of the six sub-counties in Narok, Transmara East is the worst hit by food insecurity followed by Narok East and Narok South in that order, while Narok North and Transmara West sub-counties are the least affected. This has led to malnutrition among children in the county.

Farmers in Narok County will this long rains harvest only 985,978 (90 kilogram) bags of maize as compared to 2016’s 1, 721, 920 (90kg bags)of maize.

The meeting heard the livestock have not been spared either as many of them are in poor condition with prices going down drastically due to poor pasture and lack of enough water.

On nutrition, the meeting was told that 27 per cent of the children in the county had stunted growth due to poor nutrition. Stunted growth in children hampers their performance in school.

Children with malnutrition are associated with poor brain development and unable to be active in class as other normal children, the report said.

The malnutrition among the children has been attributed to lack of awareness among the people on what is the right and balanced food and how to prepare it and poverty.

Source: Kenya News Agency