At least 12 teachers transferred from Fafi, Hulugho and Dadaab

At least 12 non-local teachers have been transferred from nine primary and one secondary schools in Fafi and Dadaab sub-counties in Garissa County in the past three months.

According to a senior official with the County TSC who requested for anonymity, the teachers were moved following the incident in Fafi where a teacher was shot and killed by suspected Al-Shabaab militants who also destroyed a Safaricom mast last month.

We had to move the teachers after they expressed fear for their lives. We cannot risk the lives of our teachers until and when we are sure that their security is guaranteed, the official said.

Among the schools affected by the transfers include Fafi, Amuma, Madahmarub, Yumbis, Liboi, Amey primary schools and Kulan secondary school.

Meanwhile, six teachers who had left Warmerer, Borehole 5 and Alinjugur primary schools went back after the government beefed up security in the schools by opening police posts.

At the same time, a former Bura councilor, Abdullahi Yussuf said the affected schools were at risk of being closed down following the withdrawal of the teachers.

Abdullahi appealed to the government to beef up security along the border towns adding that National Police Reservists (NPRs) should be recruited and deployed to protect the institutions.

He said the killing of the teacher in Fafi center two weeks ago had worsened the situation adding that even health centers had been affected as local health workers have also left fearing for their lives.

Speaking separately, Garissa based Activist and Coordinator of Northern Forum for Democracy (NFD) Khalif Abdi said children out of school may be lured into joining the militant groups if the schools were left to close down.

We demand immediate action as far as education of these children is concerned. It’s dangerous for these children to be out of school at a time the attackers are on the loose, he said.

Source: Kenya News Agency