Association calls for the release of Title Deeds

The Eastern By-pass Plot Owners Association (EBEPOA) are up in arms over what they described as delays by the National Land Commission to release their title deeds to them.

The more than 500 protestors peacefully marched from the Uhuru Park to the office of the President where they served a petition to an Assistant Secretary in the Presidency Mr. Stanley Mutua.

Speaking to the media after delivering the petition, EBEPOA Chairperson, Charles Kiiru Ngugi said the two parcels of land in dispute namely L.R 11493 and L.R 11522 are located along the Eastern Bypass adjacent to Infinity Business Park and were allegedly bought under the guidance of Eastern Bypass Estate Limited (EBEL).

Ngugi said that seven years ago in 2011, plot buyers learnt about the conversion of EBEL from a public company to a private company without consulting shareholders.

Following the development, the chairman said, the association took the case to court that was determined on 31st October 2011 by Justice Pauline Nyamweya who directed subdivision of the parcels into an eighth (1/8) of an acre and allocate the sub-plots to the eligible buyers.

Ngugi further said even after the ruling, the members had not received their title deeds which forced to demand for them to demand for their titles.

Our pursuit to get the title deeds saw several of our members receive short Text Messages (SMS) from EBEL to pick letters and copies of Deed plans detailing progress but they were also asked to pay S20,000 each, the chairman explained.

Ngugi categorically said, the association does not owe any money to the company and if they do have to pay the Sh. 120,000, they need the money to be itemized so as to allow members know what they are exactly paying for.

Our members do not owe a single coin to EBEL and therefore the monies being demanded from the 2000 plot owners is a total extortion and we will not allow it to happen, he said.

Ngui asked the three Board of Directors of EBEL who hold high offices in government institutions and are blocking the titles to release them with immediate effect.

According to the chairman, the title deeds that were issued to the Directors of the companies and who now are threatening to dispose them to third parties will be a violation of members property rights especially considering that the titles have already been processed by the Lands ministry.

The Association has urged the President to intervene and recall the titles from EBELto the rightful members.

Source: Kenya News Agency