Assembly blocks nomination of health CEC

The Samburu county assembly today rejected the nomination of Mary Kanyaman Ekai as the County executive Committee Member for health and sanitation.

However, the house vetting committee approved the re-appointment of five out of the six CECs from the former administration, but rejected Ekai due to what members termed as arrogance and lack of professionalism during her tenure as CEC for health and sanitation.

In a debate on the floor of the house, vetting committee members overwhelmingly supported the rejection of Ekai stating that she lacked professionalism and portrayed arrogance when she appeared before the county assembly vetting committee.

As stipulated by law, Samburu governor Moses Lenolkulal presented a list of six nominees to the clerk of the county assembly for vetting, and consequently filled the CECs positions during his second term as governor.

While showing the basis of Ekais rejection, Maralal ward MCA Fred Kiragu said that during Ekai’s tenure as CEC for health and sanitation, the standards of Maralal Referral hospitals dropped drastically.

The health committee visited the hospital and realized there were no drugs, the dental unit was closed and the laboratory was not working. Having a major hospital in that situation is invitation of death, he said.

Kiragu added that a Sh 15 million dialysis machine lie idle in the hospital because after it was purchased none of the staff was trained to use it.

Lparta ward MCA Peter Lempei noted that during the nominee’s tenure in the health docket, she took matters in her own hands, including implementing policies at the hospital without passing them through the county assembly.

She implemented an organogram without the approval of the county assembly. Policies are not personal decisions and even the constitution states that all policies in the county governments should be approved by the county assembly. He said.

The MCA further said that there was a petition by Samburu medical staff against the nomination of Ekai. He said the petitioners were heard by the vetting committee which also formed the basis of her rejection as health CEC.

Lempei noted that the hospitals staff was demoralized during her tenure because of random transfers and lack of respect to Senior medical staff and their juniors, a characteristic portrayed by Ekai when she appeared before the vetting committee.

When asked by a member what she would do to boost the morale of medical staff at the Maralal hospital, she indicated that she did not have a ‘moralonometer’.

Such arrogance and lack of professionalism cannot be condoned in public service, Lempei said.

Source: Kenya News Agency