Aspirants root for peace during the oncoming Elections

Narok gubernatorial aspirant on a Chama Cha Mashinani (CCM) ticket, Patrick Ntutu and Governor Samuel Tunai have called on residents to maintain peace during this electioneering period.

Speaking at separate political campaign rallies, the aspirants said the county was cosmopolitan and rich in resources and its economy was bound to suffer incase violence erupted.

There is life after the elections and we must continue to co- exist even after the elections, Tunai said.

Tunai who is defending his seat on Jubilee ticket then rooted for another five-year term for President Uhuru and his Deputy, William Ruto, saying their development record spoke for itself.

Ole Ntutu on his part said the county depends largely on tourism and this is bound to suffer if the coming elections are not peaceful.

It’s worth noting that Narok County largely depends on tourism and earns over 60 per cent of its revenue from tourism. The Maasai Mara brings in the bulk of this revenue for the county which earns the country and the county an estimated Sh.10billion from tourism each year. But this revenue is alleged to be misappropriated by the Tunai administration. The county has been listed as one of the hot spots by the National Cohesion and Integration Commission (NCIC).

But Ntutu in his campaign on Saturday faulted the government for deploying security personnel, including the army to the county in anticipation of election violence.

He said Narok residents were peace loving and urged the national government to steer clear of Narok politics.

Ntutu and Tunai will be facing off with Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) party gubernatorial candidate who is the former Information Communications and Technology (ICT) Principal Secretary, Joseph Tiampati Ole Musuni, come August 8.

But the fact that Ntutu and Musuni come from the NASA affiliated parties and also the largest Maasai clan; the Purko could work against the duo since they are likely to split the votes of this large voting bloc.

There has also been a simmering disquiet brewing between the two Narok National Super Alliance (NASA) affiliate parties in the county; CCM and ODM over the alleged endorsement of one of the two gubernatorial candidates by two NASA principals.

Bomet governor, Isaac Ruto who is one of the NASA principals is said to have publicly endorsed his Chama Cha Mashinani (CCM) gubernatorial aspirant Patrick Ntutu during their visit to the county more than a week ago.

Narok North MP, Mointalel Ole Kenta who is defending his seat on Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) ticket had called on NASA principals to prevail upon Ntutu to step down in favour of Mr. Ole Musuni. He argued that Narok was an ODM zone.

But a few days ago, another NASA co-principal and deputy presidential flag bearer, Stephen Kalonzo Musyoka called on Ole Musuni (ODM) to step down in favour of Ole Ntutu (CCM) complicating the situation.

Speaking during a stopover at Sakutek area on Thursday, Kalonzo said Ntutu commands a greater following than Musuni. Since ODM has a senatorial candidate, Ledama Ole Kina, whom we have endorsed as a NASA family, it would be wise for Musuni to drop the gubernatorial aspirations in favour of Ntutu, said Kalonzo.

Source: Kenya News Agency