Aspirant Appeals for Relief Maize in Kerio Valley

Marakwet East parliamentary seat aspirant Mark Bowen alias Sawachan Kinur has appealed to the government to release over 5, 000 bags of maize in Kapsowar Cereals Depot to residents at the Kerio valley in Marakwet East.

Bowen said residents and schools in the area were in dire need of food as they have experienced security challenges since last year.

There is plenty of maize at Kapsowar cereals and it should not be stored while residents and school going children were suffering at the valley, he said.

He called on the county and national governments to distribute food to the residents with immediate effect, to avoid malnutrition that may affect the children or even worse occasion loss of life due to hunger.

Farmers were not able to farm as they had been displaced to the hanging valleys when cattle rustling threatened their lives cutting short their farming activities, he said, adding that leaders should ensure that those residents were catered for.

He said residents in Kerio Valley have suffered misfortune after a misfortune noting that after a long year in exile, the army worm are wrecking havoc at their maize farms destroying what they had grown this year.

He said maize plants had been destroyed at old Endoo location old Mokoro location, old Moon Location and old Arror location.

He asked the county government through the Department of Agriculture to help the farmers control the army worms to avoid a cycle of food shortage at the valley.

Army worms’ breeding has been escalated by the small amount of rainfall experienced at the valley this year, and it is threatening food security yet again, he said.

Meanwhile, Endoo ward agricultural officer Benjamin Sum said his team had toured the farms of the affected farmers and advised them on the appropriate herbicides to control the army worms.

We only provided herbicides for demonstrations but after that, farmers were supposed to buy the herbicides retailing at the markets, he said.

Source: Kenya News Agency